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Christian Zander is pleased about your visit to this website and your interest in the information and services. You will be eventually asked about personal information. The answer to those questions is voluntary.
All the personal data you enter at the website of Christian Zander is specially saved and processed for your personal support, the sending of product information or the submission of offers.
Christian Zander assures you that your data will be handled according to the Data Protection Acts of Germany and the European Union.
Your visit to this site will be logged. I log:
- IP-address, from which you are visiting my pages
- files you get
- browsertype and version
- language settings of th browser
- used operating system
- Referrer URL (the site you have visited before)
Rererencing your person to this data is not possible.
A merge of this data with other data sources will not take place. Any other analysis of the data, with the exception of statistical purposes in anonymous form, does not take place on a regular basis. I reserve the right to investigate this data at a later date if I am aware of any concrete indications of unlawful use.

Liable of the contents of the WWW pages: Christian Zander

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The content of this website may not be copied, spreaded or changed without prior written permission of Christian Zander.


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No Guarantee

This website was assembled with the highest possible care. Although Christian Zander can not guarantee the absolute correctness and accurateness of the information contained. Christian Zander excludes any liability for disadvantages that result directly or indirectly from the use of this website, in so far as it was not the intention or gross negligence of Christian Zander. If you found obvious errors please mail to the webmaster.

No Licenses

Unless otherwise stated there will be no license granted to use the intellectual property of Christian Zander or other companies.


As with the judgement from 05/12/1998 - Ref. 312 O 85/98 - "Haftung fuer Links" (i.e. 'liability for links') the District Court of Hamburg has decided that the creator of a link is liable for the contents of the linked page. The Court stated that this could be preventend by explicitly dissociating from the contents of the linked pages.
Christian Zander has linked other external pages in the internet on this pages.
External pages in the internet may be defined hereby as pages that do not belong directly to Christian Zander as the owner.
For all those external links it is imperative:
Christian Zander, owner of the website announces that Christian Zander has no influence over design and content of the linked external pages.
Christian Zander dissociates himself explicitly from the contents of all other linked external pages on its own webpages and does not adopt those external contents.
This statement is imperative for all links on the mentioned homepages that do not lead to own pages (i.e. external according to the definition), and for all contents of the pages to which the links lead.

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